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Tonight is the City Council and Supervisor candidates forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters starting at 7 pm in the Council chambers. You can watch the forum on public access television or online here. Even before the 7 pm candidates forum, you can meet all the candidates from 5:30-6:30 pm at a reception hosted by The Chico Avenues and Barber Neighborhood Associations at the Redwood Forest restaurant at 121 W. 3rd Ave.
This will likely be an awkward reception with all candidates in the same room without much structure beyond informal small talk with voters. In other words, the candidates will be watching each others' backs as they share the same oxygen in a non-candidate forum, quasi-social environment.If I was hosting this informal reception, I'd bring out the Twister mat to see which candidates are willing to have a little fun. Ask them if they prefer "Left foot green" or "Right hand red." A good politician will answer: "It depends." Or better yet, ask them questions like what's the difference between a slate and a field. In the meantime, let's talk about campaign fundraising. All political candidates and committees are required by law to disclose their campaign contributions and expenditures at different times of the year.Candidates and committees were required to disclose campaign finances from the first of the year to Sept. 30, 2006. You can find the City Council campaign finance reports here at the Handbags Online.
I wish the school district, County, and other local jurisdictions would follow the lead of the State of California and City of Chico to post campaign finance information online.As of Sept. 30, 2006, here's how much each City Council candidate has reportedly raised:Mary Flynn = $21,361Dan Herbert - $13,688Scott Gruendl - $13,219Tom Nickell - $11,358Mark Sorensen - $9,024Michael Dailey - $8,845There will be two other campaign finance report deadlines later this month before the election. I would expect several other candidates joining Flynn to top over $20,000 in campaign fundraising later this month.I'm actually a little surprised that the other candidates have not each raised over $15,000 by now, particularly Herbert, Sorensen and Dailey. Instread of direct contributions to those candidates, I suspect a lot of campaign contributions are being funneled through the Hooker Oak Alliance for a major "slate" push by mail, radio, and television. And vice versa, the Esplanade League will push their endorsed candidates too. Campaign fundraising is very difficult and not the most pleasant activity for any candidate. But I don't think you can win a City Council election without raising enough money to pay for direct mail, unless you're already a household name.Today's Scrabble word is risible, or exciting or provoking laughter.

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This is always a real possibility given the experiences

The Chico Beat recently published a feature story called "Can Enloe Afford It?" which raises questions about whether Enloe will be able to complete its fundraising for its planned expansion.Another interesting question would be: "What Market Conditions Would Lead to Selling Enloe?" There's been speculation for many years that in an era of hospital cosolidations, Enloe might eventually be sold to a major private hospital chain.
In many other communities and the market pressures facing hospitals, whether nonprofit or private.I'm sure the Cheap Designer Handbags would do whatever it takes to keep the hospital an independent entity.But if the fiscal outlook for hospitals keeps tightening, a sale to a larger hospital chain wtih deeper pockets could be a likely scenario.I'm not sure what market conditions would lead to this scenario, but Enloe's current fundraising for its expansion willl say a lot about its long-term viability to operate as an independent entity too.Today's Scrabble word is hale, or free from disease and weakening conditions.

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As someone who has participated in these forums and watched them

This is Sharon Wallace from the League of Women Voters auditioning for American Idol with her rendition of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Later on, she introduced the Supervisor candidate forum.The E-R has really stepped up its coverage of local elections by strengthening its online presence.The daily newspaper has posted both City Council and Supervisor candidate forums. Later this month the E-R will post unedited editorial interviews with candidates, as well as 2-minute podcasts from the candidates. With an increasing number of citizens and readers getting their news online, the E-R continues to experiment with ways to generate more web traffic.I remember years ago when the internet was viewed as a threat to print media.
Yet I think every print media, including the Designer Replica Handbags, understands that developing a strong online presence can increase the newspaper's value.And when you increase your value to the community, you have a better shot at generating increased revenue.Below is the City Council candidate forum, which will likely not be be shown on America's Funniest Home Videos anytime soon - unless you count Dan Herbert's unintentional, mistaken comment about a $180 million lawsuit as funny.
The League of Women Voters hosted its City Council and Supervisor candidate forums a few days ago.The volunteers from the League usually do a wonderful job hosting. This time around the forum lacked focus at times. For example, in the Supervisor forum, organizers almost didnt have candidate closing statements even though candidates were explicitly told ahead of the forum that closing statements would be part of the debate format. I personally would prefer a debate structure with more opportunities for candidates to ask each other questions and rebut other candidate statements.
I'd like to see more debate - and the only way to encourage more debate is to allow for rebuttals and to provide more time.It's especially challenging to have a debate with multiple candidates, but here are my suggested changes:1. Allow candidates an opportunity to rebut each other's statements.2. Have candidates ask each other questions (randomly determine who gets to ask whom questions).3. Extend the candidate forum time to allow for rebuttals and more audience questions.4. Give panelists or moderators responsibility to ask follow-up questions to push candidates to respond with more specifics or details. As one of many examples, when Councilor Steve Bertagna makes a vague statement like "growth should happen where it belongs," the natural follow-up question is: what criteria would you employ to determine what "belongs" means? Or when Council candidates say that they're concerned about projected deficits and want to "sharpen the pencils" to make government more efficient, what does that mean? What are they willing to cut or to make more efficient to close projected budget deficits? If Council candidates say they want to hire more police officers, how do they intend to generate more General Fund revenue or what are they willing to cut to pay for new police officers? The way these candidate forums are structured right now, it's quite easy for someone with a simple understanding of issues to just go through the motions of making platitudes and generalizations. Today's Scrabble word is florid, or flushed with red.


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